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X-RAY Lighted Sign

This X-Ray viewer is perfect for those medical, hospital, surgery, and institutional scenes! Comes with real X-Rays that show real injuries such as broken legs and arms for that special touch of realism. Each sign will have a unique set of X-rays so no two viewers are alike! This sign is backlit with whit LEDs and a push button LED effects controller. The controller is set to a flicker setting that mimics a flourescent tube bulb going out. You have the ability to change the setting to fading, strobing, flashing, and constant on. This sign works as a great lighting effect for your medical scene!

Measures 3' wide by 2' tall and 4.5" so does not protrude too far from your panels.

Soundtrack not included.


X-RAY Lighted Sign

$499.00 Regular Price
$449.00Sale Price
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