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Do you make custom signs?

Yes! Most all the signs we build are customize to the customers requests. We have the ability to turn logos, ideals, and concept art into physical signs. We do sell some standard signs that we here at Cyclone Signs designed ourselves and are available for sale here. Sometimes even our standard signs we sell can also be customized.

What are your signs made of?

We make signs out of woods, plastics, aluminum, and steel. Ultimately the overall use and purpose of the sign will dictate the material. Signs that will need to be outdoors in the elements the entire year can be made of metals whereas signs that may be indoors or outdoors for a short period of time (like a haunt season) can be made out of woods.

Will Cyclone Signs design a sign for me?

We will work with the customers to help hammer out a design for the sign project. It will be a rough design that gives gives the customer an ideal of what a finished sign could look like. We will go back and forth with the customer until we have reached a design that satisfies the customers desire for the final sign. These are merely rough designs and not considered actually logo design. If a customer need an actual logo designed, we can put them in touch with a graphic designer that we use. They can do the finished digital logo design for the customer to use in a digital format. We would then use that logo to build out a physical sign for you.

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